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ataricat's journal

...but you already knew that.

9 January 1982
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Updated Info (03/16/10)

Where I'm from: Big Sandy, Montana
Where I'm currently living: Missoula, Montana
What I do: Finishing up journalism school at the University of Montana.
What I want to end up doing: Animation. But also some writing.

My CD Case: A list of the 64 CDs I listen to enough to actually keep with me. (updated 1/04/07)

I'm a major supporter of Spirit of America, a charity supporting projects to help the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Please view their site and consider making a donation.

My Furry Code. For those who care.

FFS4a A- C- D# H+ M- P R++ T+++ W- Z Sm# RLA a cn+ !d e+ f- h- i+ j+ p** sm#